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Collections Expertise


Our collection expertise brings you vital advice to protect and showcase your collections for your cultural heritage. 


Working closely with collection supervisors and managers, curators, collectors, ​and scenographers to determine the best means to protect works during exhibition or in transit, basing our recommendations on the risk management factors and the type of collections; We take into account the environmental conditions (air quality, climate, light), the display cases, wrapping, earthquake-resistance, framing, mounting...


Conservation Management

We help architects and programme managers in their projects to construct museum and art storage facilities.

Our knowledge of collections, their management and storage methods within heritage institutions allows us to formulate and align technical, functional, logistical and spatial program and techniques congruent with the needs and uses of the locale : galleries or conservation department, technical spaces, workshops, storage facilities, environmental conditions, construction materials...

Operational Guidelines

We guide supervisors in conservation management.


Because their preservation depends on proper management, our expertise for collections encompasses conducting an audit, establishing protocols and management plans : restauration scheduling, collection maintenance, follow up and assessment of the condition of the artwork, monitoring of climate and sanitary conditions, installation, and storing...

We carefully select a competent team, tailored to the specific needs of your cultural heritage projects.


Our network of specialists enables us to bring together versatile teams, covering a large area of conservation proficiencies and talent in the showcasing of collections : restorers, installers, scenographers, mounters, framers, lighting specialists...

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