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CARTEL COLLECTIONS is an agency serving cultural Heritage projects. We bring our knowledge collections and expertise to ensure its enhancement, proper management and preservation.

CLAIRE BERGEAUD created CARTEL COLLECTIONS SARL in 2007. After graduating from Beaux-Arts de Paris, she achieved a Master in Conservation-Restauration from Université de Paris- 1979,  and Preventive Conservation from Université de Paris 1-1999).

Between 2012 and 2014, she directed the Preventive Conservation Department at the Musée Picasso Paris for its reopening. Today she directs CARTEL COLLECTIONS and is consultant for the conservation management of collections.



CARTEL COLLECTIONS has hand-picked a network of recognized professionals in the museum field. For each cultural project we create a team tailored to respond to your needs and utilize the means necessary to achieve a worthy outcome.

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