Conservation Department / Storage Areas

Design the storage area and unit tailored to the collection, its study, management and processing.

Volume assessment
Calculate the volumes taken up by the shelved collections in suitable wrapping and storage unit.
Protection of the art work
Design wrapping intended to physically protect the art work from impact, dust and light, while at the same time simplifying its storage. Wrapping undertaken by Hughes Terrien (La Conserve)
Design the spaces
Plan the spaces and their functional connections, consider the flow in connection with the activities and collection protection. Functional diagram of the mutualized storage of Strasbourg. Preprogram.
Install storage cabinets
Determine the storage cabinet best suited to the collection and its volume and install in the spaces according to the flow requirements. Program of the Conservation Center at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with architect Jean-François Bodin for Agence France Museums.
Select functional storage cabinets
Select storage cabinets well-suited for the collections, its growth, the available area, allotted budget...
Storages of the Louvre Abu Dhabi - Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Defining features
Design the storage facility according to the collections : typology, shape, fragility, classification... and define the features both the shelving unit for storage area planing and implementation to the future storage facility. Abattoirs Museum - Toulouse-, storage facility of the Cordier Collection.
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